Legumes has to be rehydrated in tanks of water. Rehydration times depends on the kind of legume.
Some fans, through a powerful air jet, clear the product from mud, leaves or other material, a vibrating sifter eliminates stones and other residual.  During rehydration, a water jet from the bottom of the tank conveys legumes on the surface and waste elements (usually heavier then legumes) are firstly collected by a conveyor belt and then eliminated.

At this point the product is stored into accumulation tanks and then it is conveyed to the cooker to be heated for few minutes with a homogeneous temperature of about 95°. Subsequently, legumes are cooled down to preserve their qualities. Legumes are conveyed by an elevator from the sorting tables to the filler of cans or vase. Another filler completed the preparation with some brine. Finally cans and vases are airtight closed and sterilized.