TOMATO line – Tomato paste

Tomatoes are used in food industry for a wide range of products: tomato juice, sauce, paste, peeled, pulp and chopped tomatoes.
The production follows several stages from harvest, transport to palletization.
First of all the installation receives tomatoes in some bins which are discharged into mud and stones removal tanks.
Secondly tomatoes are washed and sorted to remove waste and bad fruits.
The production of juices, sauces, tomato paste and chopped tomato requires the separation of peels and seeds from the product and finally a partial elimination of water.


Tomato Paste
It is a kind of conserve prepared through the partial elimination of water from the pulp. Pulp is obtained crushing fresh tomatoes and sifting the product. Tomato paste indicates a product with a dry residual range between 12% and 55% (net of added salt). Crushed tomatoes are conveyed to a heat exchangers to be heated. Then  Hot Break system  deaerates tomatoes to allow the separation of the peels. Crushed product is conveyed to the pulper/refined group to eliminate peels and seeds and to squeeze and refine the product. Juice is collected in a stainless steel tank to feed next stages of concentration.
The partial elimination of water is carried out by evaporators of different kind. Finally the product is pasteurized and tins are filled with it. It is also possible to store temporary the product into bins in cold rooms or in aseptic condition (pasteurization – cooling – cold filling – aseptic condition – sterile tins).

TOMATO line scheme