TOMATO line – Tomato sauce

Tomatoes are used in food industry for a wide range of products: tomato juice, sauce, paste, peeled, pulp and chopped tomatoes.
The production follows several stages from harvest, transport to palletization.
First of all the installation receives tomatoes in some bins which are discharged into mud and stones removal tanks.
Secondly tomatoes are washed and sorted to remove waste and bad fruits.
The production of juices, sauces, tomato paste and chopped tomato requires the separation of peels and seeds from the product and finally a partial elimination of water.


Tomato sauce
Tomato Juice: packed in glass bottle, bricks and cans. The production begins with the  washing and the  sorting of tomatoes, then the product is crushed, heated and refined according to the kind of sauce required. Extraction and refining could be done through pulper/refiner (hot extraction) or drainers (cold extraction). After  the squeezing, product is deaerated. This operation has a  low effect on hot break juice because the negative effect of high temperature has already appeared in it.
Juice homogenising (to avoid the sedimentation of insoluble substances and the serum separation) is fundamental for cold break juice or juice in bottle. Juice is  always pasteurized before the filling operatons.
Tomato sauce:  Used as ready base or dressing sauce. It is made of partially concentrated tomato juice with a fixed residual between 16 and 12° Brix. The processing is similar to tomato paste production. Pasteurization and packaging operations are the same used for tomato juice.

TOMATO line scheme