AGROMECCANICA’s purchased the license by Intralox for ARB™ technology. The ARB™ technology allows to speed up the capacity and increase the flexibility of the materials handling.
The Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology provided by Agromeccanica srl, is a patented conveyance solution that brings the benefits of modular plastic belting to complex package handling processes like sorting, merging, and aligning. This system provides more functionality while reducing total system costs.

The ARB technology enables…
– Efficient handling of most items:
– Boxes, cases, cartons, totes, or trays Difficult-to-convey packages
– Oddly shaped items Increased throughput
– Flexibility to handle changing products, throughput rates, and other requirements
– Lower system ownership costs
– Less floor space consumption
– Increased system reliability
– Reduced system controls
– Safer working environments due to encased moving parts
– Reduced maintenance

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AGROMECCANICA’s staff of ARB experts works closely with customers to determine if ARB technology can positively impact the functionality and cost-effectiveness of a distribution or production line layout.
Using physics-based simulation software and exact customer specifications, Agromeccanica can demonstrate the effect that ARB technology will have on an entire layout.
Consulting with Agromeccanica early in the planning process can ensure the best lines possible.
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The Intralox technology Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) offered by AGROMECCANICA s.r.l is applied to the processing line layout and enables improvements as far as the layout concepts, that are not possible through other technologies. While installing one piece of ARB equipment it can improve a single application, reconfiguring a whole layout with multiple ARB solutions it can optimize the performance of the entire line.

How ARB Technology Works
On an ARB conveyor, products rest on free-spinning angled rollers rather than on the belt surface. These rollers extend above and below the belt surface and are positioned at an angle in relation to the direction of belt travel. Rollers that are activated by the carry way surface below move products across the belt in the direction of roller orientation rather than the direction of belt travel. Because it is possible to move conveyed products selectively, ARB-equipped conveyors can change the direction, alignment, location, and speed of an item independently, without using rails or complicated mechanical controls.


They provide accurate turning and alignment of the widest range of products. Innovative Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology allows for “touchless” turning of delicate products in high-speed applications and gentle bump turning at lower speeds. Products may be turned selectively or non-selectively and then precisely reoriented and aligned, enabling accurate product transfers to downstream processes on a single conveyor. ARB technology can eliminate product damage and provide accuracy that traditional product turner technologies today do not offer.
Case turner conveyors are also referred to as case rotators, carton rotators, orientation conveyors, and product conveyors

Benefits of ARB Case Turners:

– Handle the widest variety of case and package sizes (as small as 4 in. x 4 in. [100 mm x 100 mm] and up) and types (ex. corrugated, shrink-wrapped, litho-packs)
– “Touchless” handling prevents product damage
– Align, turn, and re-align products on a single conveyor, in a shorter footprint than competing case turn conveyors
– High throughput rate of up to 225 cases per minute
– Can turn products to short-side-leading or long-side-leading

Ideal solution for

– Touch-less, selective turning of fragile products
– Applications where various products are handled and only select products require rotation
– Product turning in a shorter footprint than any other bump turn conveyor
– Palletizer
– Aligners
– Conveying systems
– Sortation systems
– Camera/Vision control system
– Conveyors Inspection system



It accurately aligns boxes, cases, cartons, and shrink-wrapped packages of all sizes. Employing Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, the alignment conveyor gently drives a stream of randomly introduced items to one side, uniformly squaring them against a guard rail. Product quality remains uncompromised as product movement is directed via angled rollers embedded in the conveyor belt. 

Benefits of ARB Aligners

– 40% smaller footprint than traditional technologies such as skewed rollers
– Guaranteed positive justification, even after starts/stops
– Ensure precise spacing between products
– Less maintenance than skewed rollers

Ideal solution for

– Aligning items within a minimal footprint
– Accommodating a wide variety of package sizes
– Preparing packages for downstream processes
– Orienting and aligning boxes and cases before infeeds:
– Palletizers
– Switches
– Cameras / vision control systems Flap / tape inspectors
– Recirculation loops


Transfers to 90 degrees ARB ™

Intralox 90-Degree Transfers supplied by Agromeccanica srl (also known as right angle junctions, perpendicular transfers, or L-transfers/T-transfers) effectively address the common problems associated with traditional right angle transfer systems and tight curve conveyors: inaccurately positioned packages and sensor failures that cause jams, bad bar code reads, line slowdowns, and downtime. Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology orients and positions packages accurately every time without complex controls and obtrusive moving parts so that problems do not occur and the line stays productive. An Intralox ARB 90-Degree Transfer, supplyed by Agromeccanica, can replace a radius conveyor, pop-up transfer conveyor, transfer tables, right angle offsets, or chain transfer offset in a layout. 

Benefits of ARB 90-Degree Transfers:

– Enable 90-degree product transfers in a small footprint without damaging products
– Reduce jams by ensuring perfect orientation for a wide range of package dimensions
– Gently handle products that other 90-degree transfer technologies cannot
– Capable of changing orientation (as do pop-up conveyors and pusher conveyors) or maintaining orientation (as do turn conveyors)
– Throughput capacity of 120 products per minute 

Ideal solution for

– Ensuring accurate product orientation and product positioning
– Eliminating sensors and controls plus associated maintenance time and costs
– Ensuring operating safety without guarding
– Creating a compact system layout
– Enabling a jam-free alternative to a 90-degree curve