Fruit salad

Syrup fruit salad is made from a mix of pears, peaches, grapes, cherries, pineapple or papaya.
The manufacturing process begins in the factory with the mechanical selection of fruits based on size (caliber), followed by manual selection for the elimination of defective fruits.
Fruits such as pears and peaches are washed, peeled and then cut in half and deprived of the stone or core (depending on the type of fruit) by means of machines that cut and stoned the fruit one by one. In this way, peeled fruits are obtained,
cut in half or in wedges.

The half fruits are cut into cubes and mixed with the other types of fruit in predetermined percentages.
The containers (boxes and glass jars) are filled by “caduta”(fall) , they pass to the filler which inserts a solution of water and sugar or juice derived from the processing of grapes, to finally reach the hermetic seal.
Finally, the fruit salad undergoes the pasteurization treatment (conservation treatment)