The first step in the processing of dried legumes is rehydration.
The legumes arrive at the factory directly in bags, these are emptied directly into the tanks filled with water for rehydration. The rehydration time varies according to the type of product.

The product, before being processed, is cleaned of impurities through a violent jet of air caused by a fan. Subsequently, the product is subjected to the action of the sieve which, consisting of a vibrator, separates the product from the remaining impurities. The products to be processed are dragged to the surface by a light stream of water, while the heavier particles are collected by a conveyor belt and eliminated.

At this point the product is stored in containers (accumulation tanks). The product leaving the storage tanks is channeled towards the cooker, an equipment that homogenizes the temperature of the product at about 95 ° C to allow it to be blanched for a few minutes and then stored. The product is immediately cooled (cooler) in order to maintain its organoleptic properties as much as possible. An elevator carries the product from the sorting table to the filling machines. The containers filled with the product are transported to the filler which completes the filling with a preserving liquid. Once the jar has been filled with the preserving liquid, it is hermetically sealed. Finally, the hermetically sealed boxes are sterilized.