Our history

Agromeccanica was born in Castel S. Giorgio in 1994. The founder Andrea Petrosino, current director, after years of experience as an employee in the stainless steel carpentry sector

decides to put his skills into play independently by engaging in the construction of machines and systems for the agri-food industry.

Factory Leader

Thanks to his zeal and dedication, the company is  now part of a small circle of industry leaders.
Organized in such a way as to satisfy the customer’s needs in a short time by providing pre and post sales assistance, Agromeccanica guarantees an efficient and effective product and service, also making use of external consultants experts from agri-food companies.

The General Manager Andrea Petrosino

The wealth of experience of its creator, the General Manager Andrea Petrosino, combined with the dynamism and qualifications of his staff and the constant commitment to research and development, allow the Agromeccanica company to provide services and products of high quality standards. and innovative. Agromeccanica is able to offer each customer the services and products
that best meet their construction needs, allowing the maximum degree of design freedom to each company.

High Quality

Agromeccanica guarantees perfect cuts because it has been using a plasma system for years that allows to obtain high quality levels guaranteed by a CNC handling system from the cutting head, and by particular characteristics of the plasma jet.

The Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting, in fact, has a smooth cutting surface, with slight streaks, very little burr, a very narrow thermally altered area and imperceptible conicity of the cut in the case of thin thicknesses and low taper only on relatively high thicknesses (above 4-5 mm ). In any case, all the cutting characteristics can be improved against a decrease, however limited, in the cutting speed.

Procedures and Application

It is therefore possible to obtain different levels of quality, depending on the cutting speed (variable between 1 and 8 m approximately per minute depending on the thickness and power). Plasma processes are mainly used in the field of carbon and alloy steels (stainless steel). Estimates on request can be formulated in a short time, in particular if the drawings of the details are provided in Dwg format. Delivery times are usually short, thanks to the availability in stock of an adequate assortment of materials, and to fast and reliable sources of supply.